iVoice is a product for enhancing the sound quality, employing our revolutionary new EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™

euphoria technology logotestimonialsiVoice is an extraordinary product developed to improve the blood and lymphatic microcirculation that supports vocal production. Wearing the iVoice can extend the vocal range, amplify the volume and improve stamina. Good vocal projection with enhanced intelligibility can be created easily without putting a strain on the vocal muscles. This can prevent vocal fatigue or damage from overuse. Two pendant designs and a clip-on version are available to suit different needs. All of these enhancements are made possible only through IPC’s proprietary Euphoria Technology™ (see details below).

The PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field) generated by iVoice promotes the blood and lymphatic microcirculation of the voice production system and effectuates the micro-phase alignment of protons of the air inside the trachea. Meanwhile, the microcirculation of the entire body is also enhanced, which leads to greater blood flow. Consequently, various metabolic and biological functions are significantly improved, which in turn increases breathing efficiency, endurance, stamina and the overall balance of the body. As a direct result, users can handle voice and vocal performance, sports performance and other energy-intensive activities far more easily.

These products are made possible only with EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™.

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